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A bird doesn't sing because she has an answer.

 She sings because she has a song.

Born Into Song

Growing up in the hills of Virginia, there is no memory that strays

 too far from a love of soil and song. We moved constantly but always 

in  view of the BlueridgeMy parents were musicians, both 

seemingly from some other time and from some other mountains.

 The question “When did you learn to sing and play?” has always 

struck me as odd as I do not remember a time without music. 

My Daddy was a carpenter and cowboy and all that it implies. 

My Mama made things beautiful, usually with her song.

Music was both luxury and necessity to us all, 

a constant thread weaving through and righting wrongs.

 I am after nothing and certainly not interested in fame, 

but I was born into song and that, in itself, is legacy enough for me.​


   The ​Summer 

Kitchen Sessions

Enjoying the haunting acoustics of

      the Huntland Kennels Kitchen.

The Ghosts of Mississippi

by The Steeldrivers

Time of the Preacher

by Willie Nelson

Orphan Girl

by Gillian Welch

You Are My Sunshine


On Stage

On Stage


by Citizen Cope

Playing here with my dear friend and mentor Patrick Callahan in honor of his son, Sgt. Sean T. Callahan at Drum N'Strum in Warrenton, Virginia. So many emotions on that stage.


by The Steeldrivers

Matt Metz joined me this evening also at 

Drum N' Strum in Warrenton. Apologies for the blurry image...just close your eyes and turn up the noise.

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